Vote on your favourite green roof photos – from around Europe

The Green Roof Beauty Contest is now open for voting. With over a hundred photos of green roofs from around Europe, there is a wide choice. From Ireland to Hungary via the UK and Germany, extensive wildflower roofs, urban food roofs and roof top parks are among the roofs represented.

Shed - green roofs photos London
A small but beautifully formed green roof on a pram shed on a housing estate in Hammersmith, London

Green roof photos celebrating Urban Green Infrastructure in Europe has supported Ceeweb in promoting the Green Roof Beauty Contest over the last few months. And we of course entered several pictures ourselves! Of course, we would love it if you voted for our images, but hey! Vote for whichever image takes your fancy. Or vote for the one you would like to see out of your window.

Swiss Biodiverse Roof
A beautiful biodiverse Roof in Basel, Switzerland

Above are a few of the images from posts we used to promote the competition. We also wrote several other posts about other green roofs, including:

The green roof photos we voted for

Click on the images below to link to the Green Roof Beauty Contest.

We have a bit of a penchant for wildflowers on roofs, so we liked a green roof image from Germany:

green roof meadow - Germany
A meadow on a green roof in Germany

Rooftop farming is also an important element of the green roof debate, so an urban farm that looks like it was taken in Berlin also got our vote:

urban farming - green roof photos
Urban farming – part of a resilient future for food?

And finally we love this image of a green-roofed chapel, contributed by Bridgman and Bridgman:

green roof chapel UK
Chapel with a green roof in the UK

So get voting – the Green Roof Beauty Contest is open to all, wherever you are.