Green Living room – green walls are part of the green roof beauty contest

A green living room bringing nature into the city and providing resilience.

green living room - TUras
Green wall on tour in Barking London


Green walls providing Resilience in Cities – The Green Living room

The TURAS Green Living Room, like all green walls,  provides many benefits for both local communities and the local environment:

  • Increases wildlife: providing wildflowers and supporting birds and insects such as bees.
  •  Urban heat-island effect: it helps to reduce higher temperature in inner city areas
  • Stormwater runoff: absorbs heavy rainfall from storms to reduce local flooding
  • Reduces noise pollution: provides a sound barrier to create an oasis of calm in city centres
  • Absorbs carbon: plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving air quality

Green walls are part of the green roof beauty contest so if you have an interesting picture of one why not post to the competition.