London 2019 Green Roof Report

The UK's Leading Independent Green Roof Website is an independent organisation set up by Dusty Gedge in 2002 to promote green roofs and living walls in urban areas in the UK and around the world. The organisation has been a member of the European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations (EFB) since 2006 as the UK representative. Dusty Gedge is the current president of the EFB, an office he has held since 2008. is a rich resource providing news, analysis and in-depth research into the latest innovations in green roof and  wall technology and developments in the industry, from contractors and suppliers to large-scale developers.

The campaigning work carried out by led to the first ever green roof policy being made in the UK. In 2019, we produced a green roof and wall report assessing the success of this policy which was introduced into the London Plan 2008:

Living Roofs and Walls: from policy to practice – 10 years of urban greening in London and beyond.

Although this report is available online here, over the coming months, we will be publishing additional articles and blogs. These aim to add greater detail to elements in the report, including:

  • exemplar case studies from London, around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world
  • articles looking at cities around the world which are developing policies and new approaches to green roofs and walls
  • a full set of infographics for London – the Greater London Authority, the Central Activity Zone and 33 boroughs/councils within the UK capital also provides a consultancy service. The organisation and our associates are recognised international authorities on urban green infrastructure.