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Text: Mathew Frith and Dusty Gedge

Photography credits: Mathew Frith, Dusty Gedge, Gyongyver Kadas, Stephan Brenneisen, and Derek Brown.

Website: Derek Brown at Visualeze would like to thank

Peter Massini, Jill Goddard, James Farrell, Rachael Hill, John Newton and Jamie Dean for their support in getting green roofs happening in London. Without their enthusiasm and energy over the past 10 years, our different approaches to green roofs might never have left the ground.

Peter Allnutt, Nick Ridout, Mark Harris and Dr Alun Rhys-Tarr, green roof manufacturers and suppliers for their encouragement, commitment, and support.

Stephan Brenneisen in Switzerland who has been a real catalyst for much of our work on biodiversity and green roofs, and a joy to work with.

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Other Green Roof Resources

Green Roofs Are Taking Root In Sheffield, Groundwork Sheffield

Horniman Museum Article, Green Places Magazine

Green Places: dedicated to improving public space

Green Places covers the creation, management and use of public space, from urban squares to country parks. It is the only publication to link all public space interests and its coverage transcends professional boundaries. As a result, the journal has a diverse readership including: green space managers, landscape architects, urban designers, artists and community groups. It reflects the latest thinking from all those who influence our public spaces, it stimulates debate and ensures best practice is shared widely. It is published by the Landscape Design Trust whose mission is to foster understanding and awareness of the landscape for the benefit of the environment and the community.


Download article (400KB)

Planting Green Roofs And Walls, Dunnet, N, & Kingsbury, N, Timber Press, Oregon, 2004

Available from

Building Green, Johnston, J & Newton, J, Greater London Authority, 2004

Available from the Greater London Authority

Green Roofs; Their Status And Potential For Supporting Biodiversity In Urban Areas, English Nature Research Report 498, English Nature, Peterborough, 2003.

The International Green Roof Journal, Published By The International Green Roof Institute, Sweden. See:

The Green Roof Infrastructure Monitor, Published By Green Roofs For Healthy Cities, Canada. See:

CIRIA has launched its new website on incorporating green roofs, green walls and other features into buildings. See:

This website grew out of a desire to share and increase the understanding and implementation of green roofs, green walls and other Green Infrastructure in our cities. is grateful for sponsorship by:

London Development Agency

Canary Wharf Group

British Waterways

People’s Trust For Endangered Species

for their financial support for the Green Roofs and Biodiversity PhD, which this web resource is part of.

Other Green Roof Websites

EFB – European Federation of Green Buildings

The Green Roof Centre for Excellence, Neubrandenburg

Green Roofs Today

Greek Green Roofs

Clean Air through Green Roofs

French green roof site

Green Roof Manufacturers And Suppliers:

Green Roof Architects, Buildings & Construction:

Other Links Of Interest:

Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) – Environment Portal & Search Engine

A Safe Build – planning and managing your self build project

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