The Code of Practice for Green Roofs and GRO, the Green Roof Organisation

GRO is a partnership of industry and stakeholders that came together over 10 years ago to develop a Code of Practice for green roofs in the UK. The latest GRO Code of Practice, launched in 2014, is available here [pdf]

The partnership is currently working on the next update of the Code.

GRO is an open and inclusive organisation. The current Chairman of GRO is Mark Harris of Radmat Ltd. GRO members are grateful for the support of current GRO hosts the NFRC in administering the current activities of the organisation. For more information please contact the NFRC here.

The UK Code of Practice for Green Roofs

GRO Code of Practice for Green Roofs
Click to download the GRO Green Roof Code of Practice

The GRO Code of Practice for green roofs is based on the default Code of Practice for most countries in the world, the German Code of Practice known as the FLL, also available in English.

All countries in Europe with a Code of Practice have based their Codes on the FLL. These countries are all members of the European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations (EFB) . GRO is also a member via its association with which represents the UK on the EFB.

The GRO Green Roof Code of Practice covers:

  • planning
  • implementation
  • maintenance

The GRO Code has been developed for the UK to ensure the green roof market delivers quality green roofs for the built environment. Unlike other most other building product systems, green roofs rely on both a construction and a landscape element in their planning, installation and maintenance.

Standards/Codes of Practice internationally

There are no standards for green roofs in the UK or in Germany. There are, however, currently two countries in the world that do have specific standards as well as Codes of Practice – Switzerland and Austria.

As Green Infrastructure in the urban realm becomes increasingly important, architects and designers need to be fully aware of such Codes of Practice to ensure quality designs that deliver all the potential benefits to clients, cities and the urban environment.