Urban vegetation innovation – Vegetal i.D – a European leader

For over 20 years Vegetal i.D have been a leader in developing innovative approaches to urban vegetation, especially on buildings.

As a forerunner in the production of plants for green roofs and green walls and with in-house production units and reference projects in Europe. Vegetal i D is also active globally, especially in North America.

Vegetal i.D - urban vegetation

Vegetal i.D – the urban vegetation expert

Vegetal iD is a vertically integrated company managing projects from A to Z. Today they not only  develop and produce, but they also install and maintain technical and innovative green solutions. Their green roofs solutions work on both flat and sloping roofs.  Our solutions also include include living and green walls. The company also has very innovative solutions for stormwater management including blue-green roof systems.


Innovation is in the company’s DNA

Innovation lies at the heart of the company’s strategy.Vegetal iD invented HYDROPACK® the only pre-vegetated solution suitable for flat green roofs and very steep sloping green roofs (up to 200%). Furthermore our latest blue roof innovation, OASIS, has been developed to provide a solution to different stakeholders within a project:

  • building owners
  • architects
  • and local authorities

to solve the issues currently effecting urban areas across the world. In fact, Oasis helps ameliorate these:

  • stormwater management (and more globally optimisation of water resources)
  • reduction of heat islands in cities
  • use of roofing spaces to create functional areas

The EU Smart cities in Europe programme, supported the development of Oasis.

In fact, Oasis helps to manage stormwater and optimises water resources whilst also creating rooftop amenity spaces.

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