Livingroofs Enterprises Ltd is an organisation to promote, advise upon and seek research into green roofs and similar structures within the context of urban and rural regeneration.

It does not provide green roofs products but can provide the following services:

  • Professional independent advice on green roofs through its contacts with consultants and the green roof industry.
  • Independent consultants for specific projects/themes.
  • Strategic reports on how green roofs can play a real role in terms of sustainability in urban regeneration areas, local and regional authority plans etc.
  • An online resource for researchers, planners, developers, regeneration professionals, ecologists, engineers and others;
  • An online resource of current and past research documentation on green roofs;
  • A portfolio of successful green roof projects, with information on their cost and construction;
  • Signposts to key green roof system manufacturers, products and green roof resources;
  • Provide tours of green roofs in London [in particular the Canary Wharf area] for interested parties.
  • Speakers at conferences and events regarding green roofs and similar features in terms of urban regeneration and sustainability.

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For commercial work services, see the Green Infrastructure Consultancy website.