A View from London – the Virtual Summit on Green Roof and Walls

The Virtual Summit being hosted by Greenroofs.com  is running throughout April. Livingroofs.org has presented several talks over the years at the Virtual Summit and this year is no different. As there is a lot going on in London and the UK, Dusty Gedge’s talk is a ‘A View from London’.

Virtual Summit

The talk will focus mainly on London. However, it will also look at the total UK Green Roof Market. In the main, the talk is an overview of the current situation of green roofs in the country. It reviews the uptake of green roofs and hints at the size of the UK Market and the annual increase. Because the UK Green Roof Market Report will be launched later in the year, the exact figures cannot be disclosed at present. Furthermore Dusty compares London’s green roof density to other cities in the world.


The summit has some great keynote speakers. Of course it is great to see Patrick Blanc and Emilio Embasz gracing the summit again. However, we are pleased to see and have watched Stephen Ritz’ excellent talk.

‘Stephen has electrified and inspired audiences of all types with his “Si Se Puede” message of hope, urgency, resilience and Amer-I-Can innovation. His impassioned speeches have resulted in raucous standing ovations from audiences around the world… He even delivered a keynote address at the Clinton Global Initiative on Earth Day. He has also worked with and consulted for various Fortune 100 / 500 companies. Stephen uses his platform of public speaking to support numerous philanthropic activities locally, nationally and abroad.’



The summit is affordable and allows people from around the world to garner inspiration from a range of speakers. Travelling to conferences around the world is expensive. Consequently the idea of a virtual summit allows access from wherever you are. Therefore we thoroughly recommend registering. Be inspired and start helping make cities greener in the world.