Schools – learning through green roofs

This weeks video features Dusty Gedge discussing the benefits of green roofs and how they link to the curriculum in schools


Design schools with green roofs for education

Many schools include green roofs in their designs. These designs, however, tend to limit access to the green roofs solely for maintenance. Surely green roofs, even if they are extensive and designed for nature, should have managed access. In doing so the students will be able to use the green roof to engage with science subjects. Teaching sustainability should be an important part of the curriculum. A green roof is the perfect place to learn about green infrastructure and how cities could adapted to climate change. Cities need to become more resilient – soil and vegetation is a key element in this agenda – helping:

Schools - green roofs for education
Using green roofs for learning is a smart idea.


A green roof is more than ticking a sustainability box

These architectural and landscape innovations are all too often kept out of reach of teachers and students because of health and safety fears. Designing in safe access is relatively simple. A green roof then becomes not just a tick on the list of sustainable features on a building but a real educational asset.