Greenwich set to get one of the biggest green roofs for people and wildlife

The residents of Greenwich in London are about to get a fantastic green space right in the heart of the Peninsula where the O2 Arena is located. This exciting new project is being undertaken by green roof contractors Bridgman & Bridgman, who are currently installing an extensive green roof on a new retail complex in the area. This green roof, which will be one of the biggest in the borough, will be open to the public and will have an enormously beneficial impact on both the residents and wildlife of Greenwich.

green roof - people and wildlife

A haven for people and wildlife

Installation began in early October and the bare roof is now slowly transforming into an oasis in the heart of retail land. Once open, people will be able to sit and enjoy the views from the top of the building. More importantly, shoppers and local residents will have more than 3000m2 of unofficial nature reserve to watch the wildlife. Pied wagtails are already visiting the green roof while it is under construction. By next spring the roof will be a positive haven for a range of pollinators, birds and other wildlife.

High above the traffic, the roof will allow visitors to relax amongst a potpourri of traditional roof planters and wildflowers meadow.


The green roof team delivering the green roof with a difference

In order to deliver a good green roof, the first requirement is a quality waterproofing surface to house the soil and vegetation. Bauder Ltd, the UK’s leading green roof and waterproofing supplier, has created such a base. Then the 3000m2 base requires a good landscape contractor to deliver that final touch. Bridgman & Bridgman have the skills and experience to create a habitat that will be a haven for both people and wildlife. As one of the UK’s leading green roof installers, Bridgman & Bridgman will deliver what is going to be an exemplary project in London.

As the project proceeds, we will be providing regular updates on the progress, but for now enjoy watching the roof come to life in this first video.


Written by Dusty Gedge – international speaker, naturalist, urban green infrastructure designer, policy advocate and campaigner for greener cities, current President of the European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls Associations (EFB

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