New report reveals London’s green roof success 2019

A report by European Federation of Green roof and walls Associations/ revealing the remarkable growth in green roof space installed in London over the past 10 years published on 10 April. Shirley Rodrigues, London’s Deputy Mayor for the Environment, is now available online here. The report, which was conducted in association with the European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls (EFB), measures the success of the Living Roofs and Walls Policy that was included in the London Plan in 2008. It also shows the tremendous progress in the provision of green roofs and walls in London over the last 10 years and how the policy has encouraged uptake in the absence of any financial incentives or mandatory requirement.

The new report contains:

  • a review of the types of green roofs including innovative approaches tonew green roof report - London
    biosolar green roofs and blue green roofs
  • the latest evidence on the benefits of green roofs and walls
  • a review of the total area and density of green roofs in the whole of London
  • a league table of area and density per London borough
  • infographics for all 32 London boroughs, as well as the City of London
  • updated information on the number of green roofs in the Central Activity Zone
  • the first ever complete green roof map of the whole Greater London area
  • an overview of policies in other cities in Europe, North/Central/South America, Oceana and Asia
  • a league table of green roofs cities around the world in terms of density of green roofs per urban inhabitant

London green roof infographics

The report features the first complete map of green roofs in the whole of London. This map will form the centrepiece of a detailed infographic on the types/areas/density of green roofs per inhabitant. Such level of detail regarding London’s green roofs has never before been published.

Additionally, there will also be detailed infographic of the Central Activity Zone (CAZ). The original London green roof map published online by the Mayor of London features only green roofs in the CAZ. Originally published in 2015, the new infographic will chart the uptake of green roofs in the CZ up to 2017. Infographics are also available for all 32 London boroughs plus the City of London on this site.

All the infographics, online and featured in the report, are based on mapping undertaken by the Green Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd in partnership with the GIS team from the Ecology Consultancy Ltd.

Greener cities: Europe and beyond

Whilst the research focuses on London, the report also provides a review of policies for green roofs and walls around the world including:

  • Austria, Germany and Switzerland – Basel, Linz and Stuttgart
  • Scandinavian cities, including Copenhagen and Malmö
  • the Low Countries – Amsterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam
  • the Czech Republic – Brno and Prague
  • North America from Toronto to Washington DC via San Francisco via San Francisco and Denver
  • South America – focusing on Cordoba in Argentina
  • Oceania – Sydney and Melbourne

Finally, the report contains a league table of green roof cities around the world. This ranks cities, not in terms of area, but of density of green roofs per inhabitant. This is based on research, as yet unpublished by Humbolt University, and research undertaken during the writing of the report. The league table sets London’s performance in a global context. allowing an assessment of the city’s achievements in the light of the progress that other cities around the world have made over the past 10 years.

Continuing our work promoting and advising on urban green infrastructure

It is now 17 years since was launched. During that time, our work has been instrumental in influencing policy and promoting green roofs in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. The latest report marks the next step in our determination to ensure that the case for urban greening continues to be made. Over the coming months additional evidence to support the report will be published:

  • new case studies in London and the rest of the UK
  • new case studies of green roofs and walls in European cities and beyond
  • articles focusing on specific cities in Europe and beyond
  • reports investigating the planning, implementation and maintenance of green roofs and walls

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We would like to thank the current sponsors of the report, especially Berkeley Homes, our principal sponsor. Berkeley Homes has been leading the way as a developer embracing the Living Roofs and Walls Policy and delivering green roofs across their portfolio in London

We would also like to thank our green roof and walls sponsors:

These companies are leading the way in delivering green roofs and walls in London.  Some are doing so, not only in the UK, but across Europe. Their work features in the case studies section of the report and in future cases studies to be published on While the benefits of green roofs and walls are increasingly being recognised, their delivery is dependent on an experienced and mature industry, along with developers who recognise the benefits to their portfolios.

There are still opportunities to sponsor  Do do not hesitate to contact us regarding a green roof project in London, the UK, Europe and beyond.

The new green roof report’s authors, Dusty Gedge and Gary Grant, are internationally recognised authorities on urban green infrastructure. They were also authors of the original London technical report. and the EFB would like to thank the Mayor of London for supporting the production of this report.