Nature and biosolar roofs working together for London

Biosolar roofs  – Nature and solar can work together on green roofs.


Biosolar roofs- nature and solar
Nature and renewables in harmony on a roof in London


The current London Mayor made a commitment to increasing the amount of renewables on roofs in London. This weeks featured image clearly shows poppies and other wildflowers in full bloom beneath a solar array on a roof. The roof in question is at Standard Chartered Bank in the City. The biosolar roofs were retrofitted onto an existing green roof last year.

Biosolar roofs – a model for the Mayor and Businesses

In order to achieve this commitment, we think that the Mayor should take on board the biosolar model. Retrofitting green roofs and solar panels in London is entirely feasible. And, unlike on domestic roofs, businesses will be able to take forward this model. the Mayor working with businesses to make London a biosolar roof capital is our vision. Furthermore where solar roofs are to be considered on buildings within the Mayor’s remit – such as on TFL buildings – biosolar roofs should be the option.

This image is one of four images in a recent blog by our director Dusty Gedge, celebrating the idea of the National Park City.