Nature Based Solutions Helping to Change Our Cities

Nature-Based Solutions Helping to Change Our Cities is a great video produced by the Nature Conservancy in the USA.

From problems to solutions, the video is also a potted history of why cities are suffering so severely from pollution.

The video has great old footage and graphics of cities. It is also about the community. Key to the evolving world of Green Infrastructure and nature-based solutions is how to engage people to become advocates.

“Sustainable cities are much more than places where humans and nature coexist productively. They are cities in which all people, regardless of their race, color, income and so on have equal access to a healthy environment in which they can flourish.”

SUDS, Green Infrastructure and people is the way to create resilient cities.

Cities are as complex as nature. Nature can help solve many of the problems that modern cities face. This video celebrates the work of a few in the Anacostia River Watershed in Washington DC. And there are numerous other examples of cities going green across North America and in Europe too.