Making cities greener – New Era for Green roofs in London

Making greener cities is the focus of our new logo. The election of London’s new Mayor Sadiq Khan heralds a new era for London. His commitment to renewable energy needs also to embrace Green Infrastructure. This is especially true for green roofs in the capital.


Making greener cities - new logo

Making Cities Greener

Making cities greener is about more than just the carbon agenda.  The urban realm needs to increase green space at every level. In most cities the only way is up, to the  roofs. London, for example, has approximately 10 Million m2 of existing roof space that could be greened. Dusty Gedge, our director, estimates that one third of this available roof space could also include the provision of solar arrays. The potential for London to lead the world in both renewable energy and green roofs is evident and we would hope that the new Mayor embraces this approach – a biosolar roof future for London.

New Era – New Logo

Our new logo builds on what was set up to achieve:

  • The promotion of green roofs to help our cities adapt to climate change
  • To promote the delivery of meaningful biodiversity on green roofs
  • London to have a distinct green roof and wall policy

Over the last 12 years we have achieved this: is helping to make London greener, and make cities greener across the world.

London Olympic's Solar Green Roof designed for biodiversity - S.Connop
London Olympic’s Biosolar Green Roof designed for biodiversity – Photo: S. Connop

Making Greener Cities – A Biosolar Future for London

The new Mayor, with a commitment to increasing the amount of renewable energy installed on roofs, needs also to embrace how this can be done with green roofs. A renewable future for London should embrace a Green Infrastructure future too. This is laid out in ‘A Natural Capital’ published by London’s Green Infrastructure Task Force. This report sets out a vision of how we need to consider Green Infrastructure like all other infrastructure – as an integral part of city planning.

We will be aiming to highlight the benefits of this approach in helping the Mayor to achieve his  long-terms goals of renewable energy. However, we also aim to highlight how this approach can help achieve the vision set out in ‘A Natural Capital’.

A new era for London with a new logo – is helping London to be a standard bearer for greener and healthier cities in the world.