Photography competition – celebrating green roofs in Europe

The European Commission is funding a photography competition, the Green Roof Beauty Contest, to celebrate green roofs in Europe. The competition is run by CeeWeb for Biodiversity in conjunction with, which is a proud to be a partner.

green roof photography competition

A chance to let green roofs shine

Green roofs are springing up all over the world. In the past, Europe was the leader in rooftop green infrastructure. We want the Continent to continue to be a world leader. There is no better way to do this than filling cyberspace with pictures of green roofs.

From Germany to the UK, Sweden to Switzerland, a whole range of green roofs have been installed and are continuing to be be installed. It is important to realise that green roofs are part of the EU’s green infrastructure strategy, which is in its third year. Hence, the photography competition aims to raise the profile of these dynamic green spaces on roofs. From extensive green roofs designed for climate change adaptation to intensive roof gardens for both food and leisure, we want to see the variety of roof spaces across Europe. Green roofs are cool. But how many people are aware that they are up there? Let’s tell Europe about the diversity of green roofs on the Continent and why we need more.

 Selfies are part of the mix

The competition is also about celebrating the people involved in green roofs too, so selfies are part of the mix. Here’s one of the founders of Livingroofs, Dusty Gedge, on the green roof on top of the Laban Dance Centre in Greenwich, London, one of the original green roofs with which he was involved.

Dusty Gedge on a green roof in London


So, without delay, get up on a roof and take a shot of yourself with the green roof in the background. Share your pictures on the Green Roof Beauty Contest website. We are looking forward to seeing them. Especially images of wildlife and people enjoying green roofs.

Of course there are rules but any good photography competition has parameters. Notwithstanding the rules, let’s get snapping pictures of green roofs over the summer of 2016. And pictures of you, of course. Let’s show how the world can be greener with green roofs.