A green roof Emporium in Sweden – Green Roof Beauty

Emporium shopping Centre – Malmö

The green roof above the Emporium shopping Centre is probably one of the largest green roofs in Scandinavia. Situated in Hyllie on the outskirts of Malmö, the roof is accessible to the public. The green roof combines both semi-intensive and extensive green roofs, furthermore with the cranes in the background many more green roofs will be installed in the neighbourhood.


Emporium - green roof Sweden
Green roof Hyllie Sweden


Malmö lead the way for green roofs in Sweden and Scandinavia. Copenhagen, as a capital city, tends to get more publicity these days. Since the early 2000s Malmö has delivered green roofs on many public housing projects. Commercial projects, like the Emporium, are also starting to happen. The Scandinavian Green Roof Institute leads this green roof revolution and, to this days, is a well visited centre of green roof excellence.

Commercial projects, like the Emporium, are also starting to happen. In fact Hyllie may well have the densest area of green roofs once the developments are finished.

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