Green roof award winner 2018 – packing a sustainability punch

The 2018 green roof award certainly packs a punch when it comes to sustainability. It is not the highest green roof. It is not the largest. Yet the roof demonstrates the perfect harmony that can achieved on green roofs when combing solar with the delivery of biodiversity.  Definitely an excellent example of where green roof needs to go and thus a worthy winner of this years NFRC roofing award in the green roof category. Check out all the images in our biosolar roof gallery.


green roof award winner - Bauder Streatham Hill
Bauder’s green roof and solar project – Streatham Hill


Green roof award winner 2018 – Bauder biosolar green roof Streatham Hill

Bauder have a long history of delivering green roofs in the UK. In fact, they were the first company to really specialise in this area. Moreover they continue to adapt and innovate as the demands of delivering green roofs, especially in London change. The Forester Road project in Lambeth demonstrates this perfectly. And it was only last year that Bauder launched there new green roof and solar system at Ecobuild.

The  biosolar green roof is on a small residential block in Streatham Hill. With an area of 340m2, the roof has 54 PV panels which provide the residents with renewable energy.  The unique mounting system for the panels ensures that both systems (green roof and solar) function perfectly

7 weeks after seeding – Forester Road Lambeth


Combining solar panels on green roofs needs to be seen as the future for the roofscapes of our cities. Yet this project also shows how this approach can also provide benefits for biodiversity. The seeded green roof transformed, within in a matter of weeks, into a green roof wildflower meadow. This in turn attracted the kind of wildlife that biodiversity professionals in London want to see on roofs.


7 weeks after seeding – Forester Road Lambeth


Therefore the Forester Road project by Bauder and installed by E.J.Roofing Ltd, is a benchmark to how green roofs and solar panels should be combined. Not just in London but across the whole of the UK.

So congratulations to the team a Bauder.