Green walls on a French School – Green infrastructure in action

Green walls on a school in France just show what a great impact vegetation can have.

France - green walls
French school with stunning green walls


Green walls – native vegetation on the vertical

Visiting this school in Obernai, Alsace in May was a real treat. The green walls are not only stunning but also part of a mitigation strategy for lost urban space in the village. The school, built, on land taken from a municipal park, had to act. The solution quite simply, meant greening up the walls and roofs of the new building. Furthermore the ground around the school, the management of the land within the school grounds is wildlife friendly.

The walls are planted with mainly native vegetation. The impressive irises – fleur-de-lis –  that grace the walls furthermore give the wall a touch of national character.

In the coming weeks we be featuring a short video of the green walls and roofs in order to let readers really view this stunning piece of green infrastructure.