ANS GLOBAL – providing green roof and walls in the UK and beyond

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ANS Global exist to inspire the world to enhance structures naturally, and the company envisages urban areas where ‘one can’t see the buildings for the plants.’


green wall - ANS Global London Wall

ANS Global Green walls

ANS Global are one of the leading suppliers of green walls in the UK and across the globe. The company provides support through the process of design, planting, installation and maintenance of living walls. The company works closely with architects, contractors and proprietors to ensure a flawless finish.  Their ANS Living Wall System is used globally. The system is able to survive in extreme climates, from -40C to 40C!

ANS Global Green roofs

ANS Global have created our ANSGrufeKit Green Roof System that simplifies using green roofs. The GrufeKit package includes everything needed to lay a green roof in order. In doing so the kits help to transform a dull roof into a living ecosystem! ANSGlobal have three main GrufeKit products for extensive green roofs.

Our products vary according to how they are pre-grown, their seasonality and biodiversity.

To simplify the process, the system can be install by anyone following 4 east steps.