The Gedge Column

Dusty Gedge is the founder of Ltd and the current President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations. A nature conservationsist in the first instance he has been invovled in promoting green roofs in London and the UK for 15 years. He is a recognised international speaker and runs green roof seminars and training courses. He is author of a number of seminal reports on green roofs and also co-authored - DIY Guide to Small-scale Green roofs.

He has designed over 300 green roofs, help establish a number of seminal research projects on green roofs in London  and is lead consultant with the the green roof consultancy.

The opinions in this column are his personal ones and not those of Ltd

Beehives on a green roof in London

There are three hives on the roof at Evershed's . The great thing about Evershed's is the roofs also a 'field' of flowers. The resident honey bees have already nectar and pollen source right on their doorstep.


Hives and Habitats on roofs - Not just hives!

The other day I was alerted to a great project in Baltimore, MD, USA. This project aims to install the first green roof specifically designed for honeybees. One of the people behind the project is Jorg Breunig. He has promised me an article on the project and also a review of the early studies on green roofs and bees by Dr. Gunther Mann in Germany. Joerg used to work with Dr. Mann for Optigreen [UK partner Flag] in Germany and now fronts up Green Roof Service LLC in the US.